Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Close Encounter

Wow, it was different to be home and done with church this week before it would have started last week. Out stake has just redone the boundaries of all the wards to make room for 2 new wards in the stake. For the most part we are still the same with a few minor changes. Some of those changes though include a new meeting time and location.

So, because we moved locations, I needed to report visiting teaching in the church system for the month of July before I had to turn in my set of church keys. I went up Monday to our old building to do this. I thought I was alone until 30 seconds after I entered the clerk’s office, I heard someone trying to open the door and then knock. I opened the door to find a stranger standing there. He looked at me and said, “oh…um…you are not who I thought you were.” To which I responded, “oh, sorry.” He quickly followed with, “well, uh, how are you?” I thought this a bit strange since I didn’t even know the man and starting to feel uncomfortable, responded, “good…how are you?” As soon as he responded, “good, “ the door was closed and I was trying to figure out my next move. I thought he might just leave, but as I reported my visiting teaching I could hear him still outside the clerk’s office. My new plan was to just hurry and get out of there…a girl can never be to careful, you know. Well,  I did finish, and I did leave the office to find my ward’s bishop’s door open with this stranger in the office rummaging through papers. I wondered what on earth he was doing and was taken off-guard as he stood up and looked at me, and said, “you’ve heard about the changes, right?” I said, “you mean about the ward changes? Yes, I am just trying to get VT reported before we move buildings.” He said, “okay,” and then just paused for a moment. Following this pause, he said something that brought great relief to my anxious mind…he said, “ I am sorry, I don’t think I know you…I am the bishop.” At first, I was still a bit confused thinking that I was pretty sure I knew the bishop and he definitely was not him. Then it registered…oh yeah!, we got a new bishop last night when they redid the boundary lines…this must be him. OOPS!!! Here I was thinking that a strange creepy man was following me, but in all reality a very good man was just simply trying to get his new life as bishop figured out. I am pretty sure from here on out, I won’t be forgetting who my bishop is. I am actually really excited for our new bishopric…they all spoke in church today and really brought a lot of power and spirit. So, welcome Bishop…may you serve well and be a “creepy” stranger to none.

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