Sunday, August 21, 2011

Discovering New Love

Yes, it has finally happened. I have fallen in love....with hiking. I know you were hoping that I was going to say a boy, but that we are still working on. As far as hiking goes, I have always gone along for the ride pretending that it was something I truly couldn't get enough of. Truth be known, that was part lie. But over the last month, I think I have truly learned to completely enjoy it. I admit that I still don't love the long up-hills, sore muscles, and inexplicable amount of sweat. However, that all plays a part in the beauty. The best part though? Definitely the company.
A few weeks ago, David and I set out to hike Mt Timpanogos. After my experience on the mountain last year (nearly falling off a glacier covered cliff) I didn't know that I would become a Timp fanatic.

When David and I began the mountain we were prepared to take it on. However about 4 miles up, we ran into snow...sad day! We couldn't go much further without putting ourselves in danger (like last year) so we we descended. Feeling a little like a failure because I had failed to summit my goal, I suggested that we then hike Squaw Peak...and so we did.

Poor David really didn't want to, but for the sake of spending time with his lunatic of an older sis, he came along. By the time we reached the top (another 4 miles up), he was dying...shorts were soaked to the ends with sweat and he could hardly move one foot in front of another.
But we did it and it was awesome! The view was definitely worth it. After coming off Squaw Peak and looking back to it, we had great satisfaction in knowing we can conquered it. Hence my love for it.

This last weekend, my family decided to take on two more hikes in Jackson, WY. Unfortunately, not all of us in prime hiking condition. All did the "nature walk" around the lake and got back much later than anticipated. So the next morning when I still wanted to take on Snow King, mom joined me. It was a great time. It was difficult and a little exhausting and a little like hiking the "Y" with shade on the trail. Again, so satisfying to reach the top and see the beauty beneath.We will see what other adventures await!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Goodbyes to Hellos!

This summer has been quite the AMAZING one. While I am excited for EFY summer job to be over so that I can begin to have my own schedule, I certainly already miss my friends. Here is our family picture. It is neat how quickly you can get to know and love people...all it requires is for you to open your heart. Easy to say, I know. Anyway, now that EFY is over, it is back to the real world for me...well, kind of. Back to school at least and to something that is directly preparing me for my future, whatever it may be. Starting into graduate school is definitely a new adventure...bring it on :-)