Friday, March 25, 2011

The Long Haul!

I feel like the last month has been twice as long as the others combined. My teacher showed up and has been helping out with teaching. I do have to say that now that I am not doing all of the teaching, I am extremely bored. The students even caught me nodding off during one class...we all had a good laugh. I've never thought about myself as hard to please but there has to be a happy medium between planning,teaching, grading, and dealing with students all the time and then observing. I have learned a lot from watching others teach though. I have realized that I love students and really do want them to succeed. They are truly what make it all worth it. Maybe I am a pushover, but beating them down does not seem the way to go when then are dealing with so much else in their lives.

Well, my favorite part of the students is definitely their attitudes. I even catch myself throwing in an accent or phrase every now and then that I never would have previously used. I always knew I could have an attitude but Wilson High School just brings out the spirit in me.

Oh, and I just realized that I haven't mentioned my family coming in town. It was SO awesome. We played, played, and played some more. After being spoiled for a week, they left me and that may be the reason the last month has been so slow. It is hard to recover from a weekend with your favorite people in New York. But now I just have to look forward to the summer and all the fun times to be had.

Well, I know this post is completely random so I thought I would just add in the most random picture I have that incorporates most of the things I have talked with an M&M in New York...