Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Simple Things!

I have realized this week how much I love little things. I become obsessed with even the littlest and most insignificant things which I am sure drives the people with whom I associate nuts. Thus, I have a blog to express the obsessions and only those who want to be involved are. So for this week, here are a few of the simple things I have discovered:

Super glue--evidently band-aids don't work all that great for cuts on your thumb. I reverted back to the mission habit of supergluing all my cuts. It worked within a magic!

Bugs--I have found and identified some of the smallest bugs there are this week. It took me 30 minutes to identify one of my bugs but was I was determined to do it simply because my TA suggested I should just give up. But no worries, I did it! Waste of time? Not for my pride :-) word of the day--there are some great words out there. I am always tempted to throw them in even the most casual of sentences but then I remember how weird that would be and I refrain.

Parents: okay, so they aren't that small or simple but I was so happy that they visited me this week. They brought me pumpkins and just played with me. The greatest laugh of the week was watching mom try to pin a cicada....just look at the thing! To her credit, she did it.

There is oh so much more I could say, but for now this should suffice! Till next time.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Happy and Hairy Halloween!!!!

Every year it comes and every year I have the same problem. I never know what to be for Halloween. Maybe one of these years, I will start planning ahead like my roommate and spend a Saturday being crafty and putting something together. Then I remember that I am not that crafty and that could be disastrous to try something. So often I look at other people's costumes to see what I could pull off. This never works just makes me more indecisive. So I resort to the one thing on myself that I can hair!!!! My hair is crazy enough as is and so it is not hard to make it go out of control. But what to be done with such wonderful hair?!? An 80's Rock-star, James Brown, a Polynesian princess, or maybe just a good ole' mad scientist. Melanie, my sister, sealed the deal. When I asked what I should be, she seemed most excited about the lab coat and goggles, so scientist it is. The sad thing is, is that it took me less time to totally destroy my hair with a comb and a lot of hair spray than it does to make it look half way presentable. I set aside a good hour to throw together my hair and costume. Ten minutes later I was ready. The finished product?....just look!
I wore the hair like this for two days. The second day it was much better than the first because I got to sport it around to a volleyball game, the library, and walking down the street. The matted mess has strings of fuzzy kinky hair sticking out. I couldn't wait to get it out. But that is the second problem with this hair. To get it out I sat on the floor of my shower with some (A LOT) of a conditioner and a comb. Half hour later and no more hot water, the mess was gone...along with half my hair. So was it worth it? I am not sure. I think I just may start planning now for next year's costume. But then again, what is the use? 99% chance I will once again meet the Mr. Hyde in me.