Sunday, February 20, 2011

Becoming a Columbian

Washington, D.C. is full of talented, beautiful, smart, accomplished people! Every time I go to church or walk around D.C., I am reminded of the great things expected from everyone who lives here. I was a little worried that I wasn't measuring up, so I have been trying to develop my skills....just look!

Em's (one of my roommates) birthday was this week. For her birthday, I decided to make my debut as a baker. This is the beautiful purple carrot spice cake that I made from scratch! The icing didn't turn out as expected and I actually have no idea how it came to be. It was kind of a failure because Em's only instructions were "not purple!" Oops!!! I will have to keep working on that talent.

Next, is ice skating. This is Holly and she is one of those accomplished people that can do just about anything. I am trying to learn from her and I thought I would start with spinning on the ice.
Whenever I go ice skating, I spend the first two rounds with my chest to my knees just to make sure I keep my balance. After that I feel a little better and am able to skate with ease. So once I had made it past my anxieties of being on the ice, I decided I should do something more. Here is Holly attempting to teach me how to spin. Key word...attempting!
As you can tell from me reverting back to my very flattering chest to knees skating position, spinning makes me nervous. I did get a little better, but once again, I need to keep working on that talent.

I have worked on this talent for awhile. Photography is something that I enjoy. My only problem is that I just like to take pictures of EVERYTHING...beautiful or not. Ben always told me that my talent in this area is lacking...I guess these picture are just further proof.
I do like to capture things I think are interesting. Like here...find the insect! Hint: it is almost smack dab in the middle. I guess that is a talent I have...finding weirdness.

Well, as all can see my talents are works in progress. It will just take some time before I really fit in our here in D.C. As one friend told me, "persistence is the key to getting anything you want." Of course that was in reference to something completely different but I still think it applies.