Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 23rd...what a great day!

So…the engagement. Ryan worked a night shift last Sunday and so had slept in Monday afternoon. He always calls/texts when he wakes up, as he did this time as well. We planned to meet up on campus and he told me to meet him by the “family statue.” I will have it known that I arrived exactly at the time he told me to find no Ryan. Come to find out, he was on the other side of the statue. That is when he gave me a single flower, a daisy, and we went back to his house. Since it was Monday evening, we decided to do our own FHE. I gave him the lesson based on the religion class I have been going to (church history). We did this in front of a fire that Ryan built. He also suggested that we make tin foil dinners in the fireplace, which was one of our favorite meals we had done before. They were SO YUMMY. Then Ryan tried to make me come up with a FHE activity…but I had just given the lesson, so there was no way that was going to happen. He just smiled and said he would take care of it, and suggested we do one of the things on the date idea list I created a few months ago. We settled on driving around Provo reliving some of the memories we had there. We drove past Memorial Park where Mel and Dave got engaged. Looking back, I think Ryan may have paused there…just in contemplation. We eventually drove past the Indian Restaurant where we had his birthday dinner, when he asked about the “historic tree” that where we had our first kiss. I directed him to it and we stopped there. Of course we had to get out to reenact our first kiss. Ryan’s memory is a bit fuzzy because he recalls grabbing my shoulders, pulling me in, and laying a big one on me as we dipped. I recall the peck that I could hardly get out because I was so nervous he would notice I had never kissed anyone. So we “played” around for awhile. Then out of his pocket came a surprise, as he said, “something came in the mail today.” To this point, I had been completely oblivious. Ryan made he seem that we were just having a casual night and that I was helping to decide where we were at any given point. I quickly realized that I had been blind. He got down on one knee and said, “Katherine Fager, will you marry me?” I of course said yes, we hugged, kissed, and all that jazz. And that was it. We drove home and just enjoyed the night. I loved it! Simple, secluded, and special. He couldn’t have done a better job of tailoring a proposal just for me. When he dropped me off that night, I found a bouquet of more daisies on my bed with a note that said, “I figured in a few months I'll have to ask your permission before I spend money on you. Since I already know the answer to that I'll just have to spend what I can now.” That just reconfirmed everything I already knew. I just LOVE Ryan.

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  1. So, so sweet... and just perfect. You make everyone smile Katie!